Some foreign performers are having to delay or cancel their concerts because the consular officers at U.S. embassies require more documentation before issuing visas. These artists are being asked to provide 15 years of their travel history, employment history, past and current social media handles, email accounts and addresses. ThisRead More →

woman playing bass guitar

Despite being the foundation of the industry, musicians are often cut out of the revenue equation As in the film industry, streaming platforms have become the norm in the music business. Subscription streaming services have already eclipsed CDs in terms of sales, and at one point, Spotify was actually worthRead More →


  To the connoisseurs of music technology is more like a bugbear. Vinyl seems to be the only invention that has gladdened the hearts of fans across generations. Cassette tapes sound too metallic. Blu Ray is too bland. The iPod makes all notes blunt… ask any aficionado and complaints willRead More →