Classic Rock’s Amazing Big Guest Edit is on Sale


To celebrate the arrival of the Great British Summer, the new issue of Classic Rock is something special. They asked musicians and readers to ‘edit’ the mag and decide which features we should run this month. Some choices may surprise you – Venom’s Cronos waxing lyrical about Jethro Tull is […]

Here Are the Top Earning Touring Rock + Metal Bands in 2019


We’re officially past the halfway mark in 2019 and industry trade magazine Pollstar has just published two Top 100 lists, one for the top grossing worldwide tours and one tabulating the top grossing North American tours thus far. We’ve compiled the earning figures for Metallica, KISS, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Disturbed, Panic! At […]

Vinnie Vincent is Back on the Streets


[ad 1] That’s right music fans!!! Vinnie Vincent is back on the streets and he breaks his silence after living off the grid for over two decades. Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent was joined by his ex-VINNIE VINCENT INVASION bandmate Robert Fleischman earlier today (Saturday, January 20) at the Atlanta KISS […]

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