L.A. Guns

L.A. GUNS singer Phil Lewis has dismissed the notion that rock is dead, saying fans can look forward to “a thriving, crazy rock scene like we’ve never seen before.” While rock ‘n’ roll has been king of the music world for decades, in the past few years, it’s been unseatedRead More →

Vinnie Vincent Invasion

[ad 1] That’s right music fans!!! Vinnie Vincent is back on the streets and he breaks his silence after living off the grid for over two decades. Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent was joined by his ex-VINNIE VINCENT INVASION bandmate Robert Fleischman earlier today (Saturday, January 20) at the Atlanta KISSRead More →

Ace Frehley

Was Ace Frehley one of the most influential guitarist of the ’70s? Kiss publically came out in 1973. During those first two years they got little to no radio airplay. In 1975 when their Kiss Alive album was released, people started listening. Fan’s wanted more radio play because Kiss got into the minds of America’s flamingRead More →