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For young musicians, that first performance can make or break their desire to continue writing music. A good, supportive crowd is sometimes the difference between a kid continuing to be creative or giving up altogether.

This is why we love the idea behind Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls San Diego. Every summer, girls between the ages of 8 and 17 attend Rock n’ Roll Camp’s weeklong conference where they attend workshops and engage in activities led by inspirational female mentors. Sure, they learn valuable music skills, but the lessons learned go well beyond studying notes and chords.

“Our impactful program is all about empowering young girls through the power of music and self-expression. Not only do we aim to inspire the campers, we create a safe outlet for girls to embrace their uniqueness, build strong friendships and lift each other up,” says Melissa Grove, founder and president of Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls San Diego. “Our camp goes beyond music education; we shape the future leaders of our community through creative youth development and skill building activities.”

The culmination of the girls’ hard work at the camp is on full display at Rock n’ Roll Camp’s fourth annual Camper Showcase, which features the bands the girls formed over the course of the camp. The public is invited to check out the bands and cheer loudly, while also supporting Rock n’ Roll Camp’s ongoing programs, on Saturday, July 27 at noon at the House of Blues (1055 Fifth Ave.).

“It’s such an amazing journey to witness their confidence and self-esteem skyrocket from the first day of camp to their final performance at the House of Blues,” says Grove.

Tickets to the Camper Showcase are $10 and more information can be found at

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