Ace Frehley

Who Made Who: Guitarist’s Influenced By Ace Frehley

Was Ace Frehley one of the most influential guitarist of the ’70s?

Ace Frehley
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Kiss publically came out in 1973. During those first two years they got little to no radio airplay. In 1975 when their Kiss Alive album was released, people started listening. Fan’s wanted more radio play because Kiss got into the minds of America’s flaming youth.

If you asked Kiss fans who was their favorite member of the band, you’d rarely get four different answer’s. But more than usually it was Ace who came out on top. The Gin Blossums to Skidrow have said Frehley and Kiss were major influences while they were growing up. With Frehley’s “Space Ace” character, his aceisms of string bending notes and smoking guitar solos, Ace would become known for his memorable guitar riffs in Kiss’ fame to success.

As an Ace Frehley fan from the 70’s, I wanted to find out who else was influenced by The Spaceman.

Darrell Dimebag Abbott ( Pantera )

Darrell was a huge Ace Frehley fan. Sporting a signature of the Spaceman on his chest, he then turned it into a tattoo. While he was influenced by Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen, it was Ace who was his biggest influence. Rest in Peace Darrell. You will never be forgotten.

Mike McCready ( Pearl Jam )

Mike’s story goes all the way back to a high school friend who had a Kiss lunch box. When his friend play a Kiss album for him, Mike say’s he was hooked. “Black Diamond” on the Kiss Alive was the song that caught his attention. When Ace Frehley came onstage for a special appearance and did the song with his band Pearl Jam it became one of his best experiences as a fan and musician.

Dave “The Snake” Sabo ( Skidrow )

Everybody know’s Dave is an Ace fan. Posing on the magazine cover of Guitar World with Dimebag Darrell and Ace Frehley to having a huge wall moral of Kiss at his house. Skidrow has also been known to perform kiss classic’s in their concert’s on many occasion’s. Dave and Skidrow are big fans of Kiss and Ace Frehley.

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal ( Guns’n Roses )

Ron heard the Kiss Alive album when he was five years old. It was then that he knew he wanted to be a musician. What soon followed was Ron getting a guitar, taking lessons and starting a band.

Jason Hook ( Five Finger Death Punch )

Jason Hook is not only an Ace fan but sports a Ace of spades tattoo on his leg. Having worked with Ace and being a exclusive collector of memorabilia. Seeing Kiss face to face always brings back those childhood memories of when he first got into kiss.

Ace Frehley Solo Album

Slash ( Guns N’ Roses )

Slash has been friend’s with Ace for year’s. To paying tribute to Kiss at the VH1 Rock Honor’s to playing a remake of Thin Lizzy’s song  ” Emerald” for Ace’s solo album.