Christian rock band ‘Skillet’ explains how it got its name

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Multi-platinum Christian heavy metal band Skillet rocked out Fox Square in midtown Manhattan Friday as part of the “Fox & Friends All-American Summer Concert Series” — and ahead of their “Victorious Sky Tour.”

The hosts of the morning show surprised them with an RIAA Platinum plaque for their song “Feel Invincible.” The members shared how they came to combine heavy metal with Christian music.

“Rock-n-roll’s all about singing something you believe in,” said John Cooper, frontman and founding member. “And if it goes against the grain that’s even better. That’s what rock-n-roll’s about, so for me writing about my faith, it’s three minutes to write about something I believe in, it doesn’t matter what they think, this is my song, my song up in here. That’s why it works.”

The group of four members, who have been together for 10 years, shared how they got their unique name.

“My pastor at the time said you should start a band with these other members of different bands, it’d be like throwing everything into a skillet, all these different ingredients,” Cooper shared. “Then somebody said you should call it Skillet, that would be funny, and we were like, OK.”

In addition to music, Cooper penned “Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel.”

Cooper said he “always had faith in God” and that his mother was a “Jesus fanatic.”

Fox Nation host Ainsley Earhart invited the members to join her show “Ansley’s Bible Study” on the streaming platform.


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