Browse a 130,000-strong collection of pop culture magazines for free

One of the world’s leading bastions for free digital knowledge, The Internet Archive, has recently digitised and made available over 130,000 magazines and monthly publications.

Free shit is good, everybody knows that. The only thing better is more free shit than you know what to do with – something this collection definitely qualifies as.

smash hits david bowie magazine

Browse millions of pages of pop culture history on The Magazine Rack, The Internet Archive’s enormous new collection of digitised print media.

While most publications featured in the collection are from the ‘magazine’ era spanning the mid-to-late 20th century, there are a few oldies stretching back as far as the 1700s.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be too many music magazines digitised as of yet, but there’s some gold to be found for sure. Around 100 combines issued of UK pop music mags Smash Hits and Plan B are in there, plus a fair few on the tech side such as Future Music or MusicTech. You’ll find familiar faces such as David Bowie, Björk, Grace Jones are more between the covers of those.

And it’s definitely not lacking the classics. We’re talking Women’s WeeklyPlayboyPopular Mechanics and infamous sci-fi anthology Heavy Metal to name a few.

Jump into the archive yourself here.

Via Open Culture.

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