Rock Guitarist Eddie Van Halen Flies to Germany for His Throat Cancer Treatment

Eddie Van Halen

As reported and confirmed by TMZ, Eddie Van Halen has been flying between the United States and Germany to get treatment for throat cancer … and we’ve learned he’s been doing it very quietly for years. As for how Eddie developed the cancer … we’re told he believes it’s from a metal guitar pick he used […]

Eddie Van Halen – Back To School – Original song from the Musical Score of The Wild Life (1984)

Van Halen

Here’s what we call “Back To School”, written and performed by Eddie Van Halen in 1983. This track is part of the musical score from the movie The Wild Life, released in 1984. Eddie wrote the entire musical score for the movie, playing guitar along with his electronic drum machine. source

Van Halen “Loss of Control” Isolated Guitar

Van Halen “Loss of Control” Isolated Guitar track from the album ” Women and Children First. It is the sixth song on the B side of the album.

Unreleased Eddie Van Halen Track


  The Van Halen News Desk is streaming a short track called “Strike,” written by Eddie Van Halen for the 1984 teen comedy film The Wild Life. A snippet of the music appears in the movie as someone bowls a strike (hence the song’s title). This is the first time the full recording has been […]