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Who Made Who: Guitar Breakers

There’s nothing like smashing a guitar or other musical instruments onstage to get the crowd to go into a frenzy. It is always a crowd pleaser especially if your in the front row and by chance that music artist has a great habit of throwing the pieces to the music audience.   Matthew Bellamy – Muse Matthew Bellamy […]

Who Made Who: Nationwide Music Video Channels

Video Concert Hall Show

Video Concert Hall: First Nationwide Music Video Channel The Video Concert Hall was an American television network launched on November 1, 1979. It was featured on the USA Network and Showtime, as an unhosted rotation of music videos. It was reported to be the most popular programming on QUBE, a cable television unit of Warner […]

Who Made Who: The Talk Box in Rock Music


In 1939, Alvino Rey, novice radio operator W6UK, utilized a carbon throat microphone wired in such a way to modulate his electric steel guitar sound. The mic, originally created for military pilot communications, was placed on the throat of Rey’s wife Luise King (one of the King Sisters), who stood behind a curtain and mouthed […]

Who Made Who: The Star Spangled Banner

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The first rock n roll instrumental interpretation of The Star Spangled Banner was played by Jimi Hendrix. It became a set-list staple from autumn 1968 until his death in September 1970, including a famous rendition at the Woodstock music festival in 1969. Jimi used his wah wah pedal effects to emphasize the “rockets’ red glare”, and “bombs bursting in […]

Who Made Who: The Godfather of Shock Rock


A lot of people say that Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was the first shock rocker. After the success of his 1956 hit “I Put a Spell on You”, Hawkins began to perform a recurring stunt at many of his live shows; he would emerge from a coffin, sing into a skull-shaped microphone and set off smoke […]

Who Made Who: Guitarist’s Influenced By Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley

Was Ace Frehley one of the most influential guitarist of the ’70s? Kiss publically came out in 1973. During those first two years they got little to no radio airplay. In 1975 when their Kiss Alive album was released, people started listening. Fan’s wanted more radio play because Kiss got into the minds of America’s flaming youth. If you asked Kiss […]