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School of Rock Franchise Open in Williamsburg

School of Rock is now in session! A new music school opened its doors last weekend with a ceremonial guitar smash! The School of Rock’s Williamsburg location — its second in the borough — will tutor local youngsters in how to rock out, with a curriculum that teaches the stars of tomorrow how to handle […]

Music Publishing Catalogues Are Gaining Momentum

Music publishing catalogues are gaining momentum fast as an asset class for institutional investments, with transactions ranging from large catalogue mergers and acquisitions (M&A) through to investment vehicles for songwriters’ shares such as the Hipgnosis Fund and Royalty Exchange. Since 2010 the number of publicly announced music catalogue transactions – across recordings and publishing – […]

Dunable Cyclops Double Cutaway Guitar Review

If you think ‘American boutique’ means the place where you get your designer baseball caps, allow Sacha Dunable to set you right. This indie maker is based in southern California, the spiritual home of the electric solidbody guitar, where he crafts mean-looking instruments with the emphasis on quality, playability… and wood. All kinds of wood. […]

Music Piracy Declines as Music Industry Reveals the True Problem

Music Piracy

According to an Italian rights organization, Spotify and YouTube – not piracy – remain the music industry’s worst problem. In 2014, the United States Trade Representative removed Italy from the Watch List in its Special 301 report.  The Watch List tracks the countries that don’t do enough to combat piracy. In a special announcement, the […]

Apple To End iTunes & What Happens to Your Music

Apple Ending iTunes

As teased late last week, Apple has officially decided to discontinue their iTunes music service, choosing instead to break up the desktop service and offer three separate applications for music, television and podcasts. One of the biggest questions that longtime users of iTunes had upon the initial discussion of the new service is what would […]

TC Helicon’s Talk Box Synth Stomp Box

Talkbox Synth

TC Helicon has revitalized the classically cool Talk Box with their latest stomp box TalkBox Synth. The pedal offers both classic “singing guitar” talk-box effects and modern “robotic” vocoder sounds, with its four synth styles. Using the same solid metal construction as the rest of TC Helicon’s stomp box line, the pedal can be used […]

Ibanez’s New RGA Iron Label RGAIX6FM Guitar: See and Hear It in Action

Ibanez recently released its “made for metal” line of guitars, the RGA Iron Label series. Here’s a new demo video spotlighting the series, with a focus on the RGAIX6FM. The RGA Iron Label series was created with metal—and nothing but metal—in mind, with Ibanez’s goal to make the heaviest-sounding metal axes ever built. As you can […]

TC Electronic Introduces the Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle

Risskov, Denmark (May 16, 2017) — More than forty years ago two brothers created what is arguably the sweetest and most musical chorus pedal ever made – the Stereo Chorus Flanger by TC Electronic. In classic boutique style it was built as a one-off, but rumor spread fast and before long SCFs were found on […]

Video: 8 Essential Guitar/Bass Crossover Pedals

Just because a pedal is marketed specifically to guitarists doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t sound even better running through your bass rig. If you’re predominantly a guitarist who moonlights as a bassist, why not cut down on how much gear you have to haul by picking up a few pedals that can do both? And […]

Music vs Technology


  To the connoisseurs of music technology is more like a bugbear. Vinyl seems to be the only invention that has gladdened the hearts of fans across generations. Cassette tapes sound too metallic. Blu Ray is too bland. The iPod makes all notes blunt… ask any aficionado and complaints will roll out faster than frantic […]

A Musician’s Acoustic’s True Guitar Tone With iRig Acoustic Stage

iRig Acoustic Stage

Being a musician I’m always looking for music gear that I can take on the go. A guitar riff can pop up anytime.  IK Multimedia makes it easy for the everyday musician that gets inspired when a idea comes to mind. They have created a very useful tool for acoustic guitarists with the introduction of the […]

Who Made Who: The Talk Box in Rock Music


In 1939, Alvino Rey, novice radio operator W6UK, utilized a carbon throat microphone wired in such a way to modulate his electric steel guitar sound. The mic, originally created for military pilot communications, was placed on the throat of Rey’s wife Luise King (one of the King Sisters), who stood behind a curtain and mouthed […]